Belarus: Supporting citizens and chemical safety


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Pollution in Belarusian centres of heavy industry is lasting legacy of the Soviet Union, but the solutions are based in particular on "pipe end technology" rather than on actual emission reductions. Also plans for construction of new industrial facilities – including a nuclear power plant – are of concern, especially because of insufficient public debate.

Although the environmental movement is relatively developed, civic initiatives often have no possibility to influence final decisions, as legislation is in practice not respected and functioning of the courts is limited. According to an analysis of non-governmental organizations, it is necessary not only to change the law, but also, in particular, to improve its enforcement and enforcement. 

We developed several reports on pollution of the environment and contributed to idenfication of the main hot spots. Citizens of the capital have aquired the Minsk Green Map, while all citizens gained Household Guide to Chemical Safety.

Our activities are funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic from Transition Promotion Programme.


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