Chlor-alkali plant in Volgograd, Russia

8.11.2014 - Russia

Contamination source: chlor-alkali plant

Mercury-based production of chlorine in the JSC Kaustic factory was launched in 1968. The annual production volume in the production shop of mercury electrolysis is 100 000 tonnes. According to an inventory of air emission sources, 0.689 tons of mercury is released per year from all emission sources identified at the facility. The start up of electrolysis cell in the shop N6 alone results in untreated 0.616 tons of mercury emission. According to the annual statistic reporting, about 4 tonnes of mercury is released at the hot spot into the environment with wastewaters, air emissions and products. About 1, 6 tons out of these 4 tonnes is a mechanical loss. The landfill for vat residues of trichlorfon, polyvinyl chloride resin, lime slurry, caustic soda, spent catalysts and other substances of III-IV class of hazard is located in the Southern industrial hub of Volgograd.

Toxics: mercury

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