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RubikRubik is a mining town in the mountainous Mirditë District, Lezhë County, northwest Albania, about 10 km east of the regional capital city of Lezhë and about 90km north of Albania’s capital Tirana. Rubik is located on the River Fani, approximately 10 north of it’s confluence with the River Matit which provides drinking water to local inhabitants. About 2500 people live in Rubik. The mean temperature of the year is 13.70C, and the average precipitation is 1895 mm.

In the late 1930s the copper smelting plant producing refined copper products for wiring was built in Rubik. After more than 60 years of production the factory was closed in 1998. During its more productive years, it generated approximately 30,000 tons of mineral residues annually which have been deposited in surrounding area.Experiences with similar plants as well as analyses of soil and water from this particular area indicate high potential of contamination by toxic compounds that poses threat to both helath and environment.


Jopková, M., Mansaku - Meksi, M., Šamánek, J.: Former copper plant, Rubik, Albania. Potential POPs Hotspot Infolist. Prague - Tirana, 2009. Report prepared for the SAICM NGO Global Outreach Campaign.

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