Protect the Elbe!

elbe riverA Call for the Completion of the National List of Sites of Community Importance within Natura 2000

We endeavour to add the whole Elbe Valley to the national list of Natura 2000 sites of Czech Republic. We disagree with the planned construction of the dam on Loir part of Czech Elbe. Please help us to protect the river and support our call aimed to worn relevant authorities.

We appeal to the members of the Government of the Czech Republic and particularly to the Minister of the Environment:

  • to accelerate the completion of the national list of Sites of Community Importance and include also the Czech part of lower Elbe to Natura 2000,
  • to not allow any constructions on the Czech lower Elbe part as well as at other areas of European importance including those which were recommended to cover during the bio-geographical seminar in March 2011.

We are convinced that our children will appreciate if we wisely prefere to protect the living Elbe River as unique European area and as a treasured touristic goal instead of the industrial plans belonging to the last century.

In Děčín, 14th March, 2012

Supporters and first signers of the call:
RNDr. Josef K. Fuksa, CSc., chairman of Czech Ramsar Committee
Doc. RNDr. Karel Kubát, CSc., botanist, teacher of University of J. E. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem
RNDr. David Pithart, CSc., hydrobiologist, chairmen of Coalition for Rivers
Ing. Valdemar Grešík, member of City Council of Děčín

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