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Save the trees

The importance of trees is growing in today’s highly polluted environment.  Green areas in the intensively used land and in artificial environment of our cities and villages play irreplaceable role. Not only do trees remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, they also increase air humidity, refresh the air, trap dust and pollutants from the atmosphere, kill microorganisms, provide shadow, absorb sound and reduce noise pollution. Parks and gardens are very pleasant and in towns often the only places for walks and relaxation. Since the time of renaissance, trees planted along rivers and roads provide important environment to many animals, and form a typical Czech countryside reminding us of the wisdoms of our predecessors. Reduction of greenery endangers human health.

It takes just five minutes to cut a tree with a chain saw. It is easy not to think of how long the tree has been growing and how long it will take until a new one will grow to replace it.

Advisory Center

Have you just learnt that a new highway is to be built next to your garden, that a nice view and clean air is to be spoilt by a new incinerator, or that a new quarry is to be opened near your village? Do you expect this to be a huge intervention into your environment that will change your favorite places for ever, and you think there is nothing you can do about it? Turn to us for help. Our mission is to assist people participating in public decision-making processes influencing the environment they live in.

The Advisory Center provides free support to individuals, civil organizations, and municipalities in cases endangering the environment or human health.

E-Polis European Sustainable Cities Network

Today’s European cities in different countries face similar problems – excessive automobilism, historical architecture destruction and improper construction, reduction of green areas, and deterioration of environment. These negative trends are not new. They were first discussed on international level during second United Nations Conference on Environment in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, when first Agenda 21 was adopted. Until today, only a part of existing problems has been solved and today’s cities face many new challenges.

In 2006, the Members of the European Parliament Gisela Kallenbach, Monica Frassoni, David Hammerstein-Mintz, and Michael Cramer initiated creation of E-Polis, a European network of NGOs. E-Polis is a networking project of groups from various EU countries to promote sustainability in urban development, support exchange of experience among individual countries, involve citizens in local decision making, and seek alternative solutions to existing problems.

E-Polis supports and inspires local initiatives and NGOs, provides its members with information on success stories and good ideas, and assists in finding foreign partners for joint projects. The main networking tool is e-polis website. Arnica’s Civilians’ Support Center was one of the founding members of the network.

We promote local solutions improving life of local citizens. We consider sustainable development respecting cultural heritage the basis of the common European identity.

We believe we can improve the life in cities.