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"The management of environmentally friendly hospital focusing on the elimination of toxic substances and medical waste treatment" project is aimed at the issue which has been neglected in the Czech Republic so far and that is relationship between medical facilities and the environment.

Health care in the Czech Republic has been for a long time among those fields where insufficient attention is paid to consequences on the environment caused by the running of the organization, either due to current economic situation or by insufficient awareness of hospital management or other medical facilities. There are two main environmental problems concerning toxic substances one can run into in medical facilities. First there is usage of tools and instruments containing toxic substances. These substances can get into immediate contact with patients. Second there is the medical waste management.

The project is aimed at environmental management of hospitals and other medical facilities, thus particular public and nonprofit organizations and institutions.

Goals of the project are:

  • to arouse interest of the medical personnel in this issue
  • to offer medical personnel co-operation in gaining information about this issue and to support their utmost involvement in solving environmental problems such as elimination of equipment and tools containing toxic substances in health care and purchase of their available alternatives
  • to offer medical personnel the opportunity to seek to gain the EMAS accreditation for their medical facilities

The Czech Republic is involved in international conventions concerning chemical safety (particularly Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants and Basel Convention concerning waste). The EMAS project for hospitals tries to help the Czech Republic to fulfill these commitments.

The project is supported by appropriation of State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic in an amount of 1.987.000,- Kč.