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Access to Information about Toxic Substances is Threatened in the Czech Republic

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic aims to shrink the publicly accessible Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) in the Czech Republic. If the request of the Ministry is approved, more than 90 companies from all the regions of the Czech Republic will disappear from the register. Among those there are also major air polluters of the Czech Republic through carcinogenic and potentially carcinogenic substances, mutagenic and persistent substances (POPs) and companies molesting their neighbourhoods by foul smell.

phoca thumb l Kronospan JihlavaKronospan factory in Jihlava will dissepear from PRTR if the request of the Ministry is approved

Out of 1500 reports of the year 2009 more than 900 would be gone. Not only Czech public would lose the data about toxic substances, but also the public sector and local autonomies would be losing. The PRTR reduction would be a crucial step back for the implementation of the right to information on environment and for the Czech environmental legislation.

Please, support our efforts to preserve the information in the Czech PRTR on:

  • The amount of chemicals contained in waste produced by particular production units
  • Emissions of chemicals into water, air and soil from all large scale polluters, that is including the industrial plants that are not among the industries listed in the EU Regulation.

As the drafts have been currently within negotiation process in the C-PRTR working group, we tend to assume the Ministry intentions are still reversible.

For your kind support please see the text of the International Appeal to Preserve Czech Legislation on the Public Release and Transfer Register and express your support by signing it.