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International Conference "Tree Avenues 2017 – Renewal and Maintenance"

Pardubice - 20 April 2017


Arnika - Center for Citizens' Support NGO, in cooperation with  Region Authorities and Road Authorities, Pardubice Country,  is organizing for the fourth year running an international conference, Tree Avenues 2017. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend. It is of especial interest to mayors, employees of departments of the environment and regional development, road administrations, and other experts dealing with issues of landscape vegetation.



Conference talks


Date:  Thursday, 20 April, 2017

Venue: Pardubice, Komensky Square,  Realka Lecture Hall

Timetabel and programme (will be updated):

Mgr. Jiří Klápště, Ministry of Environment CR: Tree avenues - today and tomorrow

Mgr. Vlastimil Peřina, Agency of Nature and Landscape protection, Pardubice: Tree avenues in Pardubice Country - point of view of authority and expert body

JUDr. Jitka Jelínková, Legal Expert: Trees and new Civil Code

Mgr. Ing. Hana Vavrouchová, PhD., Ing.  Ema Stehnová, Mendel Univerzity, Brno: Surveying of tree avenues  in South Moravia Region

Ing. Jiří Rozsypálek,  Mendel Univerzity, Brno: Safety  vs. ecological value  – felling  or  care?

Dr., Ing. Piotr Tyszko-Chmielowiec, leader of  Roads for the Nature programme , Foundation for Sustainable Development, Poland: Tree avenues conservation in Poland - new challenges and measures, how to take care of trees thought their lifespan - summary of knowledge

Dr. Sven Reiter, Road Authorities,  Federal state Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany:  Care and renewal of road greenery

Ing. Ladislav Bíro, environmentalist, Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development, Bratislava, Slovakia: Tree avenues and green infrastructure renewal in protected area Ostrovné Lúky

Ing. František Weissbauer, environmentalist of Road Authorities  of Pardubice Region:  Renewal of road tree avenues in Pardubice region

Mgr. Šárka Mazánková, Agency of Nature and  Landscape Protection, Liberec: Case "Frýdlant tree avenues"  as a  subject for both  experts and local activities

Ing. Petr Dobrovský, Regional Development Agency, Liberec:  Projects of tree avenues renewal in Liberec Region


Information for participants:

For participants from distant locations, we recommend you arrive at your accommodation in the afternoon of April 18. Thus,  you definitely manage to be in time for the beginning of the conference and also to enjoy the Pardubice places of interest. We are recommending: the Lords of Pernštejn Square and Pardubice Castle. More

The conference fee covers organizational costs, lunch, and two refreshments.

We can help to arrange accomodation for you. We will send detailed information to registered participants in advance.

Conference fee: 60 EUR

Register in time using the web form


Expedition to Tree Avenues of  Pardubice Region


Date: Friday, April 21, 2017

Timetabel and programme (will be updated):

 We are preparing for you:

The Pernstejn Avenue - winner of the poll Avenue of the Year 2015

The Apple Tree Avenues near Chrudim

The Lime Tree near Horni Bradlo - the Tree of the Year 2016

The Slavice preserve

The  tree avenues along county roads 



Information for participants:


A  trip to tree avenues will be organized as an accompanying programme of the conference. Positive examples of professional care of historical avenues combined with efforts to increase traffic safety will be presented. You will meet representatives of the local civil services as well as road authorities.

During the trip, we will provide you with lunch and then bring you back to Pardubice railway station.

Each participant will receive expert commentary and study materials (EN).

Excursion fee:   45 EUR

It is possible to register for this event only.

 Register in time using the web form