An architect Vlado Milunić, the author of Tančící dům (Dancing House) in Prague, warned that attempts to build the skysrapers in Prague have been going on for five years. The first project was done by an American architect Richard Meier in 2000. Besides there should be built a 160 m high administrative building in Pankrác.
Josef Štulc, Senior Lecturer, President of the Czech Section of International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) warns of almighty disgrace for the Czech Republic. Building of skyscrapers means a risk that Prague would be struck off from the world cultural heritage list.
Marie Janoušková (vlevo), předsedkyně Občanské iniciativy Pankráce, zdůraznila, že občanská sdružení vyčerpala všechny možnosti na úrovni České republiky. Státní úřady protiprávně odmítají poskytovat informace a uznat občanská sdružení jako účastníky správních řízení
Nobody doubts that completion of Pankrácká pláň grounds is necessary. Nowadays, this area means a shame for the city. According to an architect Milunić,the acceptable solution would be the housing reaching only to the half of the height of the present buildings. The horizon would be visually raised and wouldn´t look like decayed teeth
According to Kateřina Bečková from Klub Za starou Prahu (on the left) it would be better to remove completely skyscrapers in the Pankrác area because of its urbanistic mistake. Prevailing buildings would be allowed and no other high buildings would be built there
It´s impossible to get any data on projects to bulid skyscrapers. All documents are strictly guarded and the right to be informed is infringed. The only available press proof has been recently published in the newspapers
Members of press conference (from the left): PhDr. Kateřina Bečková (Klub Za starou Prahu), Marie Janoušková (Občanská iniciative Pankráce), moderator Marek Jehlička, Martin Skalský (Centrum pro podporu občanů sdružení Arnika), architect Vlado Milunić and Doc. Josef Štulc (President of the Czech Section of ICOMOS)
Arnika, Klub Za starou Prahu and Památkářská obec Českokrumlovská addressed a letter to UNESCO in which they ask for help to protect a unique skyline from impending building of skyscrapers. The news was published at the press conference on March 1, 2006
Civic societies are convinced that its still possible to address all the problems. If Prague refuses to build the skyscrapers there won´t be any problem with UNESCO and the almighty disgrace will be avoided. All is up to Ministry of Culture

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