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Photogallery - Zenica fights for the right to breathe: 21. December 2014

 The previous months in Zenica were connected with excessive air pollution and no access to air quality information. The local steelworks run by the ArcelorMittal corporate held outdated environmental permits. Normally, in such situation, the production is suspended until the permits are regained. However, in Zenica it has been otherwise and the factory continues to emit huge amounts of pollutants.

The set of turbulent air polltuion events escalated in another civil protest on Sunday, 21th December 2014. This demonstration was called by EkoForum, the local ecological nongovernmental organisation. About 300-400 people showed their outrage by the unbearable situation and supported legal actions planned by the EkoForum against the ArcelorMittal corporation in the following year.


Photo: EkoForum Zenica

Zenica protest 21-12-2014 AD1
Zenica protest 21-12-2014 AD2
Zenica protest 21-12-2014 AD3
Zenica protest 21-12-2014 DH1
Zenica protest 21-12-2014 AD4
Zenica protest 21-12-2014 EM1
Zenica protest 21-12-2014 EM2
Zenica protest 21-12-2014 EM3