The previous months in Zenica were connected with excessive air pollution and no access to air quality information. The local steelworks run by the ArcelorMittal corporate held outdated environmental permits. Normally, in such situation, the production is suspended until the permits are regained. However, in Zenica it has been otherwise and the factory continues to emit huge amounts of pollutants.

The set of turbulent air polltuion events escalated in another civil protest on Sunday, 21th December 2014. This demonstration was called by EkoForum, the local ecological nongovernmental organisation. About 300-400 people showed their outrage by the unbearable situation and supported legal actions planned by the EkoForum against the ArcelorMittal corporation in the following year.


Photo: EkoForum Zenica

Several hundred people gathered in Zenica on Sunday December 21th 2014.
Photo by Adnan Dzonlic, EkoForum Zenica
The crowd blamed the ArcelorMittal steelworks of polluting the environment in the city and neglecting their health issues.
Photo by Adnan Dzonlic, EkoForum Zenica
The crowd also accused the authorities of doing little to tackle the problem, eg. to force the steelworks to install air filters on the device.
Photo by Adnan Dzonlic, EkoForum Zenica
SO2 is a colorless gas with a sharp odor, produced from the burning of fossil fuels and the smelting of mineral ores that contain sulfur. 
Photo by Dino Hrustic, EkoForum Zenica
ArcelorMittal is the world's leading integrated steel and mining company which claims sustainable practices and environment protection. In Zenica, however, they seem to have been neglecting all environmental laws.
Photo by Adnan Dzonlic, Eko Forum Zenica
The promise of building filters and reducing the pollution has never been fulfilled. This has consequences on all citizens of Zenica, mostly on children, because there is a growing risk of cancer.
Photo by Elmedin Mehic, Eko Forum Zenica
The pollution has come to the unbearable point. Many citizens signed a petition against 
 ArcelorMittal practices and will support EkoForum in legal actions against the responsible ones.
Photo by Elmedin Mehic, Eko Forum Zenica
With local government still silent about this issue, a life-threatening situation for all citizens of Zenica has been created.
Photo by Elmedin Mehic, Eko Forum Zenica

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