Pozďátky – Action "Stop toxic waste getting into the water" 5.9.2001
POPs workshop 16.1.2003
The visit of Inger Schörling, Klatovy - Luby 26.1.2006
Taking a blood sample from Minister Ambrozek 23.6.2004
Švejk goes to Parliament 13.3.2007
Landfill site of A.S.A. company at Vyskytná, Jihlava 7.3.2007
Poster campaign warning about harmful PVC 28.3.2008
Martin Bursík at a landfill in Pozďátky 15.11.2007
Press conference with deputy of EU Zuzana Roithová 8.12.2008
Christmas PVC Happening 18.12.2008
Waste incinerators
International Conference on Toxic Substances and Chemical Safety

Arnika in the World