Pozďátky – Action "Stop toxic waste getting into the water" 5.9.2001
POPs workshop 16.1.2003
The visit of Inger Schörling, Klatovy - Luby 26.1.2006
Taking a blood sample from Minister Ambrozek 23.6.2004
Švejk goes to Parliament 13.3.2007
Landfill site of A.S.A. company at Vyskytná, Jihlava 7.3.2007
Poster campaign warning about harmful PVC 28.3.2008
Martin Bursík at a landfill in Pozďátky 15.11.2007
Press conference with deputy of EU Zuzana Roithová 8.12.2008
Christmas PVC Happening 18.12.2008
Waste incinerators
International Conference on Toxic Substances and Chemical Safety

International activities