Flyers with information on danger represented by slagheaps from metallurgical plant were printed out./Информация по проекту была опубликована на листовках.Photo:Human Health Institution
Public hearings were organized to inform the citizens and discuss possible solutions./Были организованы общественные слушания.
Leaflets with information on the project were distributed to the population./Листовки с информацией по проекту были розданы населению.
Volunteers distributed the flyers./Всего людям раздали 300 листовок.
Local communities are not aware of the health risk represented by the slug./Информация об угрозе для окружающей среды и здоровья населения была собрана экологами «ЭкоСогласия».
 Visit of the group of environmental activists at the hotspot.After the public information campaign, recommendations were formulated and handed over to the state authorities./Проект получил широкое освещение среди населения.

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