Mrs Müller with glasses that keeps felling off  (Lenka Hotzká), a good soldier Švej in full kit - Jindřích Pertlík. PS: In the end IPRetka turned out to be Martina Stávková (in the front).
Mrs Müller felt a real sorry with IPR-etka. However, the government hurt her a lot by the law. Mrs Müller calmed her down all the way, as the deputies would help her for sure. Švejk cudgeled his brain over the question who would tell the soldiers in the trenches when chlorine is released. IPR = Integrated Pollution Register (Czech Pollutants Release and Transfer Register)
Happenning „Švejk goes to the Parliament“ started on March 13, 2007 at 00:30 pm in the pub that Jaroslav Hašek and T.G.Masaryk used to visit during World War I. Hašek was in the army and lived in barracks in Újezd close to this pub . The aim of this action is that Arnika wanted to remind the deputies of their nonsence project on cutting the present integrated register on pollution. ("IRZetka" – the personification of the Integrovaný registr znečišťování, the Czech Pollutant Register.)
...and Mrs Müller trying to catch up Švejk at the Malostranské Square. Švejk is hurrying to help the IPRetka.
Zuzka Bebarová Rujbrová: "...take from Švejk the petition  Toxics Free Future II, that has 16,206 signatures..." (Photo: Marek Jehlička)
Good Soldier Švejk* and three monkeys with „Toxics Free Future II“ Petition of 16,206 signatures. He had to wait a while for Miloslav Vlček, the Chairman of Chamber of Deputies in the Czech Parliament. (*Good Soldier Švejk – the protagonist of a satirical and humorous anti-war novel written by Jaroslav Hašek.)

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