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Photogallery - Legal step towards environmental democracy: September 2015

In mid September 2015, Arnika (CZ) joined Eko-Forum Zenica(BiH) on a mission towards better state of the environmental democracy in the BiH. Two criminal charges that have been submitted as a result of a profound cooperation of several lawyers from both countries. The civil society long pursued more responsibility of the deputies of ArcelorMittal and representatives of the state officials. Finally, was this issue taken to the next level and brought to court. The local communities of Zenica encouraged this action as their demonstrations against cathastrophic air pollution earlier in 2015 showed no response action of the ones who bear the responsibility for the current state of environment. We are eager to hear the results from the investigation from the case. 

Arnika and Eko-Forum also presented a new publication where they highlight some issues that BiH encounters concerning the environmental democracy. The title of the book: Environmental Democracy: Limping Along suggests that the overall state of implementation of the Aarhus Convention is not that positive as the official reports claim. 

The two NGOs also help to foster the debate about the environmental permits and invited stakeholders to a conference.


Photo: Daniel Šíma, Arnika

Heading to the prosecutor´s office
Criminal charges submitted
President of Eko-Forum, professor Lemeš, being interviewed
Under scrutiny of the media
Zenica landscape
What is the state of environmental democracy in BiH?
Environmental Democracy: Limping Along
Czech and Bosnian expert exchanging opinions
Civil society is not silent
Moderating discussion was sometimes challenging
DNA analyses coming up close
Intitute for Genetic Engineering and Biology in Sarajevo
Explanation of the IPPC procedure
The presentation raised questions
Czech civil society cases shown as an example
For Clean Air and Water: Five Battles
Fear is the greatest problem of this country
Eko-Forum Zenica can guide citizens to better fight the injustice caused by the ArcelorMittal steelworks
At the premises of the Tetovo community
ArcelorMittal Zenica on a bright sunny day
Meeting with the Institute of Public Health
Czech research studies people exposed to air pollution
Vareš - the regional steel capital
Blast Furnace has long been abandoned
The books tell the story of the more famous years of Vareš
Abandoned complex of Vareš steelworks
Turquoise waters of the former iron ore mine
Pioneers of eco-tourism at Vareš highlands
Homemade cheese from the farm
Twilight over Zenica