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Photogallery - Supporting local communities and activists - November 2015

During November 2015; Arnika (CZ) and EkoForum Zenica (BiH) are conducting a series of meetings with citizens that live in areas most affected by pollution. The documentarists Martin Bartkovský and Adelina Grafika managed to capture the current adverse environmental situation in town as the winter approaching has brought along frequent inversions. Living conditions in city of Zenica are quite challenging as the ArcelorMittal steelworks, the main industrial facility and at the same time the main polluter, are now operating for almost a full year regardless of the expired environmental permits. The common goal of the two organisations is to raise awareness about the adverse effects of pollution to both environment and human health and show the citizens a way out of a dead end. This is why we prepared two new publications, listing health hazards connected to environmental pollution and advising on possible ways how to fight pollution: What can we do to decrease pollution? and Pollution and health (download in Bosnian).

Citizens seeking guidance of their legal steps to fight pollution are invited to the Aarhus consultation centre in Zenica which is open for consultations and professional assistance not only at the Open Doors Day.

Photo: Adelina Grafika 


Local activists at a public forum in Tetovo
 Martin Skalský and Djana Alibegović debating at Tetovo public forum
Breathe in Zenica
Filming the inversion
Visiting the unfenced Rača landfill
Stray dogs at the Rača waste dump
Rača waste dump
 Dogs at Rača waste dump
Public forum at Donja Gračanica
Thick inversion covers the city of Zenica
Areas above the inversion layer
Heavy trucks touring the Kakanj surface mine
Crumbling soil at Mramor
Tailings dump Kakanj coal mine
Giant crane cutting through the hillside
Slowly disappearing landscape
Thermal power plant Kakanj and cement factory
Sunset over the city monitoring screens
Lamela building in the afternoon sun
Open doors at the Consultation centre Zenica
Exposure: The Factory
Treated by delicious burek
Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism
 Edita Djapo, Minister of Environment and Tourism FBiH
In front of the Federal Ministry on Environment and Tourism