The drainpipes put under the landfill should drain away spring water so that it does not get to the landfill. However sometimes there is some awfully dark stinking liquid. (Foto: Jiří Čermák)
A small marsh in the valley. Sometimes the White –throated Dipper, the bird from the Red List (IUCN), nests here. He catches small insects living in clean water. The dark stains that you see are polluted water that flows from the landfill. (Photo: Jiří Čermák)
The national park Plandří was proposed for its typical landscape character. Still, it´s declaration can stay a dream for the near future. (Foto: Jiří Čermák)
The road to Vyskytná is permanently decorated. The visitors are welcomed by waste and the smell. (Foto: Jiří Čermák)
Contrary to operational rules the waste at the landfill isn´t covered by inert material. A large area stays permanently uncovered, lighter waste is spread around even by a breeze. (Foto: Jiří Čermák)

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