New municipal waste landfill of Aktau city at Bayandi village

Photo: Majda Slamova/Arnika

Aktau city has opened new landfill in 2016 on the territory of Bayandi village. It was promised to be constructed according to the national and European standards and being environmentally responsible. In the reality, disgusting dump appeared.

The “new” landfill is virtually just a hole dug out in the steppe, where all municipal waste is being collected from the city.
The waste is not separated.
Other landfill cartridges are being dug out without technologies to protect underground water and collect the landfill gas.
 People rummage the waste and seek for metals and other materials that can be sold
Disassembling of the waste landfill is illegal, but those people certainly work there with permission of the management.
Some of the “recycled” waste can even end up again on the market.
System of waste separation and recycling does not exist in Mangystau Region.
Illegal work on the landfill is perhaps one of the most horrible jobs in the region.
Huge flock of birds illustrate the atmosphere of the waste landfill.
Besides one old excavator, there is no any machinery working on the landfill.
Absence of the control creates epidemiologic risks.
The rumours go about selling of the furniture and textiles dug from the waste landfill on the local market without saying about their origin.
Almost constant wind distributes trash to surrounding steppe.
Who knows, where the selected waste will go?

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