Exhibition “Ustyurt – the World Heritage” and lecture for pupils and students

Aktau / 16/09/2016

Photo: Majda Slamova/Arnika

Display of the photo exhibition on unique Ustyurt Nature Reserve in Mangystau was held in Tourism High School in Aktau. The spectators could see fascinating landscapes and rich flora and fauna of the reserve aspiring for UNESCO World Heritage status.

Groups of pupils from Aktau elementary and high schools were coming during the day to see wonderful pictures of endangered nature.
Many of them saw Ustyurt Nature Reserve panoramas for the first time in their life.
The pictures were taken by Marie Slamova (the Czech Republic), Mark Pestov (Russia) and Anna Andreychuk (Karaganda).
Students of Tourism High School could hear the lecture on Ustyurt.
The room was full and the students were interested.
Part of the students will most probably work in tourism in the future.
Mark Pestov felt in love with Ustyut and comes here every year for research.
Participants could take away a magnetic picture of Ustyurt.
Lecture was organized by environmental organizations from Aktau, Karaganda, Russia and the Czech Republic.
People can now sign a petition to save Ustyurt from the plans to develop new gas field.
Magnetic pictures show the most beautiful landscapes.
Hopefully the magnets on the fridges will remember the students and their parents importance of the nature protection.
During the day, five schools have attended the exhibition.
Pupils could also watch recently made video documents on the nature of Ustyurt Plateu.
Forty years-old sharks’ teeth can be found at several locations in Ustyurt.
School classes could revive their lessons by attending the exhibition.
Because of the distance and nature protection measures, majority of Mangystau residents have never saw Ustyurt on their eyes.
Attention of the pupils attracted especially the pictures of the wild animals.
Some of them took the pictures on the cell phones.
Hopefully they will remember how unique place they have in their vicinity.
Choosing the best view of Ustyurt on magnets.
Choosing the best view of Ustyurt on magnets.
Pupils heard a brief lecture on natural and historical values of the part of their region.
Future of the nature in Ustyurt depends on approach of the future generations too.

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