Informing the citizens of Kuryk on camel milk contamination

Photo: Majda Slamova/Arnika

The team of international project of Arnika, EcoMusem and Eco Mangystau presented newly revealed data on camel milk contamination in Kuryk, where one of the samples was taken. The team also monitored environmental situation in the town and its surrounding.

Presentation of the new report on camel milk and shubat pollution in Kuryk. Dulyga Keulimkoshov and Kirill Osin (Eco Mangystau) and Jindrich Petrlik (Arnika – The Czech Republic).
Representatives of the state authorities came to discuss the recommendations.
The most important task is to protect the public health – contaminated milk threats the people.
Local citizens enforced repair of broken sewer at the local school thanks to the Small Grants Programme of Arnika, EcoMuseum and Eco Mangystau.
Now, the schoolchildren are not forced to walk through the spills of sewage water.
It is not too rare to see domestic animals feeding on the waste containers.
This is probably one of the sources of the milk contamination.
Another source might be old capacitors filled by PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls).
Also abandoned industrial sites might be source of pollution of the environment (former heating plant in Kuryk on the right).
Domestic animals are used to walk free around the town instead of being kept in fenced pasture.
Animals can enter also sites contaminated by waste or industrial activities – even without the owner’s knowledge.
Contamination of the foodstuff is dangerous especially for children.
Purchasing shubat on Kuryk market. Locals often drink shubat daily.
Kuryk is located at the sea shore, but the town does not benefit from its potential.
Many people rely on jobs in oil industry infrastructure construction plant (in the background of the picture).
Sandy beaches are full of waste and free of tourists.

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