Informing the population of Shetpe village about pollution

Photo: Maida Slamova (Majda Slamova / Arnica

One of the places where the NGO Arnika, EcoMuseum EcoMangistau carried out pollution analysis of camel milk was the village of Shetpe. Presentation of the research results was held here in September 2016

Public meeting held in the conference hall of the regional branch of the party "Nur Otan".
Local elders gathered to discuss the problem of pollution of camel's milk and how to avoid it.
Shetpe village is located in the mountains, surrounded by unique nature.
But even here are industrial sources of pollution - for example a cement plant.
Domestic animals graze freely in the wilderness and sometimes go to the contaminated areas.
Camel is a popular domestic animal in the region, and camel milk – is a mandatory component of the daily diet of the inhabitants.

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