A covered hall and lagoon were at the time of minister Martin Bursík´s visit covered by snow. Still, it wasn´t a nice view. (Foto: Ing Miloslav Vyskočil)
Dangerous waste was already inadequately stored at the time when it was sent to the landfill. Now, after more then ten years, there has been a great danger of its release, non-controlled mixing and possible chemical reactions among waste. (Foto: Ing Miloslav Vyskočil)
The landfill was observed by the minister of environment, district commissioner and two of his assistants, two senators, mayor of Třebíč, clerks and the press. They all had mixed feelings. (Foto: Ing Miloslav Vyskočil)
People from the newspaper heard that the minister had had the same opinion as the regional deputies, inhabitants of Třebíč and people from the small villages from nearby. They all want the landfill decontaminated as soon as possible. (Foto: Ing Miloslav Vyskočil)

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