An amendment to protect the nature and landscape was on the programme of deputies on June 15. (On the picture: Lukáš Matějka, the law expert from Centrum pro podporu občanů)
Arnika went to the Parliament to notice the deputies that the future of the Czech avenues are in their hands.
Approaching deputy Libor Ambrozek got just the leaflet saying how important the amendment is.
The protection of the avenue is wished by more than 30 thousand of people who signed two petitions.
Everyone got detailed description of particular variants for voting about Amendment  no. 114/1992 Coll.
Renata Konupková handing out the leaflet to the next deputy.
Jiří Gandalovič bringing the materials from Arnika to the Chamber.
Jiří Bürgermeister with materials for voting on protection of the environment, the trees in avenues mainly.
The future of trees in the Czech avenues was in the deputies´ hands.
The petition of Arnika on saving trees „Zachraňme stromy“ and similar petition „Naše stromy“ were signed by more than 30 thousand people.
Miroslav Kalousek comes to the Chamber meeting
Deputy Grebeníček got the information from Arnika as well.
The petition was signed by almost a thousand people when the news of the intention to cut thousands of trees in the Czech avenues was released.
An amendment was available in the Chamber over half year before deputies got to the final voting.
Arnika is devoted to tree protection for a long time and prepared its own proposal of amendment.
The aim of the whole campaign and action in front of the Parliament is to prevent the pointless tree cutting, especially in avenues.
At the end of  last year, the road engineers released the intention to cut thousands of trees in avenues as they thought it would be safer solution.
The voting of amendment was Scheduled several times. Deputies postponed it three times.
The deputies of Arnika with deputy Kateřina Jacques.
Supplementary bill was given to the Chamber in autumn 2008 by the former Minister of Environment Martin Bursík.
Deputies added to proposed bill a few bad amendments.
The amendment of Vlastimil Aubrecht would mean a signifiant curtailing of the competence of the Česká inspekce životního prostředí (ČIŽP).
Arnika appealed to the deputies already in May, deputies didn´t get to the voting.
The request to cancel the saving clause for the road and waterway managers and so on, is one of the five requests of petition „Zachraňme stromy“.
Deputy Chairman of the Chamber Miroslava Němcová gets materials from Arnika.
On 17th June, deputies voted for amendment to cancel the exception for those road engineers who would cut the trees along roads without permission.
The competence of ČIŽP to stop the permits has no change. It can stop the unjustifiable issue of permits for cutting.
It´s necessary to have the opinions from other people, make objective decisions, involve the public and set alternative planting.

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