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Photogallery - Waste dump debate at Ďáblice, Prague 30.10.2009

An interesting reading for the way back from meeting
An invitation
Dialogue on environment
Everyone could ask
It concerns the environment for the next generations
Jaroslav Korf, the Prague 8 councillor
Lukas Matejka, the Lawyer, Arnika
Microphone for everyone
Milan Havel from Arnika speaking
Milos Ruzicka from Civic Association of Dablice
Petra Kolinska, the Prague councillor
Publications of Arnika
Space for citizens to speak their minds
Tatana Dohnalova from local civic association
The audience could express itself
The hall was packed
The opportunity to speak your mind
The interest of audience was great
The plans for enlargement of the dump arouse worries
The least participants of debate