Eva Rychlíková, a hygienist (ČIŽP) and Radim Šrám (Ústav experimentální medicíny) pointed out a new worldwide and Czech health research. (Photo: Jan Losenický/Arnika)
The seminars on saving trees and greenery was visited by almost forty deputies of civic societies and villages. (Photo: Jan Losenický/Arnika)
The seminar is part of a long-term campaign of Arnika, aimed against cutting trees and loss of green spaces in towns. (Photo: Jan Losenický/Arnika)
(Photo: Jan Losenický/Arnika)
The lecture of urbanist and architect Karel Maier was interesting. According to him the trees are part and parcel of the successful towns, where it is good to live. (Photo: Jan Losenický/Arnika)

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