A several kilometres avenue between Třešť and Růžená will get a protective coat today.
The trunks were covered with sprouts that were cut-off first.
One of the trees at the beginning of avenue is on the list.
Tanks of environmentally friendly colours with names of donors who help the action.
Painting was done during heavy road traffic. The picture shows self-made road sign „Watch out avenue!“
The leader of Jihlava branch of Arnika, Jana Vinterová and Zdeněk Ryšavý, the councillor of environmental matters of the Vysočina Region.
Before painting started it was necessary to remove the sprouts from the trunks.
Stencil shows the strip to paint.
Sprayer paint the colour to signed place – to the side of trunk that´s turned to the road.
Protective white coat strip on a trunk.
Drivers were explained the action and got the leaflet about avenues of the Vysočina Region (on the picture Anežka Hradilková from Arnika).
Thanks to Arnika the avenue should be more safe for the drivers.
The drivers could meet the volunteers and workers of Arnika in the avenue between Třešť and Růžená.
This avenue will be more safe for you and the trees as well.
Not only the lorry drivers but also drivers and cyclists got the leaflet explaining why and what goes on in the avenue.
Allogether 15 people, workers of Arnika and volunteers participated the action of tree painting in the Třešť avenue. (on the picture Matěj Man from Arnika Chotěboř)
More than 100 trees needed to be sprayed. It was the job of Jakub Esterka, the leader of the Information Centre in Arnika (Centrum pro podporu občanů).
White can be only marked stripe and a sprayer.
Paint and get to the next tree, do it 105 times.
…will the office take care of the trees in the future?
In the near future there would be white in other avenue in the Vysočina Region as well.
Renewal of the paint was forgotten…
The village of Čenkov lies in the middle of the avenue.
Stripe that protects the drivers and trees
Trees in the avenue serve as a guideline – thanks to marks its easy to survey the road turning.
It´s more easy to see on the road at dusk or in bad weather.
Jakub Esterka and Vítek Vebr from Arnika know more than enough.
Vítek Vebr from Arnika takes care of volunteers.
The last trees got their white strip at dusk.
Trees are visible and they help drivers. Cutting them would be an act of folly.
Contrasting colour stripes help in the night.
Along the trees without stripes.
Marked trees are more visible even in daylight.
Marking trees in the avenue should become a necessity not only in the Vysočina Region.

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