Home Photogallery Armenia: POPs, Pesticides and Chemical Safety Masis - Sayat-Nova 27.3.2010

Photogallery - Masis - Sayat-Nova 27.3.2010

View of the Ararat mountain
UFO above Ararat
Admission free
Another pesticide storage near the municipality Jrarat
As a precaution, with a mask
View through a wired window
Attention - flammable
Bags in the corner of the storage
Discussion over pesticides
Import from the UK
Lilik Simonyan discusses with the owner of the premises
Martin and Emma
Medical waste incinerator
Mysterious bottles
Obsolete pesticide storage
Obsolete pesticide storage
Obsolete pesticide storage
On the way to the pesticide storage
Pesticide storage
Still-life with a barrel
The incinerator - distant view
Trout breeding basin
Trout breeding basin
View into the storage
The end of the visit
Cattle which does not suspect anything
Storks in the nest
Colony of stork nests
Belfry of the Echmeadzin cathedral
Rich decorations above the entrance into the cathedral
Vendula Krcmarova is lighting a candle in the cathedral