In the partner organization of our project, AWHHE (Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment), animated working discussions take place. This is even more true if the hazardous pesticide burial site is concerned.
Jindrich Petrlik (head of the Toxics and Waste Programme of the Arnika Association) with Elena Manvelyan (AWHHE president) discusses the further steps in the case of the pesticide burial site in Nubarashen.
Lilik Simonyan does not speak English, but she is an expert on pesticides in Armenia and pulls information out of her notes as a magician rabbits out of his hat. Sometimes, however, help of a translator Laura Khachatryan is necessary.
In the left, Lusine Nalbandyan (organic farming expert), and, in the right, Elena Manvelyan (AWHHE president).
Near the Square of the Republic in Yerevan, there is also the seat of the Armenian office of UNDP. We went here to discuss, how else, the burial site of 500 tons of pesticides.

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