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Photogallery - Czechs help in central Bosnia: January 2014

Two distant cities share the same story: the transnational corporation Mittal Steel bought local steel plant, increased production but "forgot" to invest into environment protection. Zenica residents to this day suffer much like the people of the Ostrava region in the beginning of the nineties. While the situation in the Czech Republic has much improved, thanks also to the pressure of the public and civic organisations, the residents of Zenica are still affected by disastrous air pollution. It is one of the reasons why Arnika representatives officially began a joint project with the partner organization Ekoforum Zenica.


Photo: Martin Plocek

Aarhus Centre Sarajevo.
The Czech ambassador in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Meeting with The minister.
The turbine.
Children\'s health is at risk from the emissions from the power plant\'s smoke stack.
The press conference.
Martin Skalský from Arnika.
The greatest polluter in the city.
Maglaj cellulose factory.
Zenica University.
The chairman of the non-governmental organisation Ekoforum.
Bosnia and Hercegovina needs a centre to monitor pollution.
Mittal steel.
Mittal steel.
Meeting with OSCE.
Head of the OSCE mission Nina Suomalainen.
Mayor of the Zenica municipality Husejin Smajlović.
Arnika and Ekoforum.
Sincere farewells after the prolific discussion.
Visoko leather factory.
The compound holds piles of leather scraps soaked with chemicals.