The Aarhus convention is supposed to be a guarantee of citizens’ right to participate in decision-making. Although, is it so everywhere? Do citizens really participate in the process of resolving whether there will be a chemical plant or a national park will be destroyed? These and other things have been discussed be delegates of signatory countries. Unfortunately for example in Kazakhstan the situation is dismal. We made it clear to the delegates by lively theatrical performance.

Presentation at the Fifth Session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Aarhus Convention in Maastricht in Netherlands. Arnika helped partner non-governmental organizations to inform delegates about real situation in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Ukraine.
No information, no public, no justice. That is the title of an alternative report by Arnika and Green Salvation organization about observing a human right to participate in decision making process about environment in Kazakhstan.
"We need to know what is the reality in individual countries and how the international convention can concretely help citizens to put their ideas through", says a member of the Aarhus Convention Committee, Lukáš Pokorný from the Czech Republic.
Meanwhile only cores are left for citizens, the Kazakh princess leaves nice apples for herself.
Mountains in the National park Ile-Alatau in South Kazakhstan are home of original apple trees. There is a threat that skiing resort with capacity of ten thousand people a day will be built there. We gave delegates of the international conference cores to feel how Middle Asian country citizens are treated by authorities.
Kok-Jaliau mountain valley is to have the same destiny: the territory is about to be privatized and fenced. Citizens of Almaty, a million metropolis, will lose their mountains forever.
The harmful project can still be stopped: in 2014 an assessment of environmental impacts is taking place, no definite standpoint has been taken yet.
Citizens’ access to information, a right to take part in decision taking processes and a right for a fair court trial were discussed the whole week by nearly five hundred delegates from more than 50 countries of the world in Maastricht in the Netherlands.
In the last years the situation has been deteriorating mainly in former Soviet Union states. However, citizens face inconsideration of investors, political corruption and incompetence of authorities also in many European countries.
Delegates of the international conference were interested in situation in Kazakhstan. For those who did not manage to have a breakfast an apple from Almaty came in useful.

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