Balkhash city does not have only industrial importance - it is also a centre of fishing industry.
Most people feel that metallurgy is a source of pollution, but they do not have enough information on health risks.
Because the factory has been built during WWII, local people got used to its dominance over the Bay Bertys.
The large tailing ponds of the metallurgical industry pollutes their surroundings with heavy metals.
The area of tailing ponds is almost the same as the area of Balkhash city itself. There is large amount of toxic waste in the vicinity of the lake shore.
Coming to the city of Balkhash, tourists can see the smoke from blast furnaces for tens of kilometers.
The steppe surrounding Balkhash city is full of illegal dumps of domestic and construction waste. 
Some people are catching fish in the drain of cooling water from the factory. They do not realise there may be high concentration of heavy metals in fish meat.
The drain of cooling water from the factory is not fenced and is publicly accessible.
Fishing in Balkhash is very popular. Not only with locals, but also with tourists coming to spend the weekend or holidays.
The environment surrounding cottage settlements is full of illegal waste dumps. Waste management systems are only in the city.
After a couple of days, visitors get used to the view of factory and enjoy warm and vast waters of the lake.

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