Minister Libor Ambrozek was asked by the Arnica association to join another eleven European colleagues and allow the taking of a blood sample. The blood would be tested for 101 industrial chemical agents.
And one of the detailed photos of blood-taking
Photographers observed taking the blood as well.
Just to sort out a few necessary formalities and taking the blood can start
Photographers observed taking the blood as well.
There was taken altogether approx 60 ml of blood from the minister in a short time. The blood was carried in six test tubes for tests to the lab in Great Britain
The minister made jokes with the press.
Following the taking of the blood sample, minister Ambrozek and Arnika deputees met the press to explain the purpose of this action. The bill on new chemical legislation in the EU, the so-called REACH Directive, became the main topic.
Minister Libor Ambrozek allowed a blood sample for analysis on incidence of industrial chemicals in the Chamber of Deputies in Prague. Simultaneously blood was taken from another eleven ministers of EU countries, some of them taken at the conference of the World Health Organization in Budapest on June 23 – 25, 2004

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