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For healthier living in Thailand. Victims of industrial pollution defend their rights

05.06.2018 BANGKOK
Thailand suffers from contaminated water among others
The "Citizen Science Project" successfully enhanced the public participation for environmental and health protection in Thailand. Gold mining, contaminated…

Two New Studies Revealed POPs Pollution across Thailand

23.11.2017 BANGKOK / PRAGUE
Free range chicken eggs are observable indicator of historical environmental pollution (Map Ta Phut)
Investigations proved toxic contamination in pollution hotspots in Thailand. It is caused, in particular, by dioxins and other persistent organic pollutants…

Fish samples from hot spots in Thailand contain toxic mercury

19.09.2017 BANGKOK / PRAGUE
Everyday food of hundreds of thousands people living in Thailand is contaminated with mercury in various fish species, new report shows. This common dish…

Heavy metals in water - serious pollution concentration found near industrial areas in Thailand

05.06.2017 BANGKOK
Industrial areas in Thailand are source of hazardous limits of toxic pollution
Environmentalists revealed that the industrial pollution has become more intensified in these 2 years. Sediments of water sources near the industrial areas…

International Conference Discussed Toxic Substances, Experts Require Stricter Control

29.11.2013 PRAGUE
What was the beginning of the autumn affairs in 1989 that finally lead to a fundamental change of political situation in the former Czechoslovakia?…

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