Ukraine: Supporting activism in the regions

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Ukraine is the most energy-intensive country in the world and the sixth largest producer of CO2 per capita. Although it has begun to gradually adopt the EU standards, a progress is slow and standards of environmental protection are systematically violated. The county is facing a high level of corruption, oligarchs and politicians often enforce their interests at the expense of the citizens.

We help to identify serious environmental issues, suggest their solutions and support civil society to enforce the right to live healthy environment.

Environmental issues and trampling human rights are especially burning issue in the countryside, far away from legal help and attention of the media. A shining example is growing business of MHP, the largest agricultural corporation in the country. Its industrial meat production has number of negative consequences, such as destruction of the best quality black soil, water pollution, or damage to traditional farming. Heavy traffic causes cracking of private houses, while villagers are not compensated. MHP is owned by one of five richest billionaires of Ukraine and advisor to the president.

Our activities are funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic from Transition Promotion Programme.

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