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Myronivsky Hliboproduct poultry farms in Cherkassy region

30.6.2017 - Cherkassy

Industrial chicken farming in Ukraine leaded by the agroholding MHP is concentrated into four main areas. In the region of Cherkassy the company of oligarch Yuriy Kosyuk runs tens of different business premises, from chicken brigades through slaughter houses to meat processing plants. In the region there are several cases of activists persecution; the most known case was the beating of the Yasnozeriya village mayor Vasyl Tkachenko. He was beaten in 2015 in his office by boxers coming from Vinnytsia. Eloquent consequence is, that he is one of the leading activists against MHP in the region and succeeded while defending the village from construction of another chicken brigade.

The industrial farming is one of the most pollutive and harmful industrial sectors in general. Industrial farming worldwide produces as much emises of carbon dioxide to the air as the whole car traffic in all countries of the world. Besides this, the closest surroundings of the farms, slaughter houses, meat processing plants and all the other facilities suffers from dustiness, smell, water and soil pollution and big traffic. The most visible and clearest examples of such negative consequences can be found in Ukraine in the regions, where MHP operates.

Similarly to other regions, also in Cherkassy the MHP controls all parts of the chicken meat production cycle. One of the biggest problems caused in this region by the intensive poultry farming, is water pollution and lack of water in general. The villagers have problems with reaching quality water for their gardens and fields; in the village of Pshenychnyky, the MHP´s grain producer Urozhai co-financed a water supply project for the villagers. Until now, the water provided from this project is not drinkable. Such social projects, which are not fulfilling the villagers visions promised by the company, are typical for the regions of MHP´s operation.

On the manure storage close to Kozarivka, where are located also some of the chicken brigades and a slaughter houses, there are tons of manure stored, part of it lies freely on the ground and creates a danger of nitrates pollution.

The most affected villages in this region are located around the town of Chyhyryn; some positive examples are the cases of villages Yasnozeriya and Moschny, where the citizens struggled with blocades against new constructions.

In July, Arnika and Ekodiya organised a „facts finding mission“ to this region connected with a whole-day workshop in Cherkassy. We will report on the results on our webpage soon.


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