Vinnytsia Poultry Farm: the largest poultry farm in Europe

15.4.2017 - Vinnytsia
Photo: Majda Slamova

Vinnytsia region is one of the areas of operation of the company „Mironivsky Hliboproduct“ (MHP). This company, owned by ukrainian oligarch Yuriy Kosyuk, occupies most of the ukrainian market with chicken meat and besides this exports almost one quarter of its production abroad. MHP agriculture holding consists of all parts of the production cycle – fields and grain production (Zernoproduct), fodder production, incubator, rearing facilities - chicken farms-brigades, slaughter house, meat processing and bone meal production plant, waste water treatment facilities (Vinnytsya poultry farm), construction of the brigades (Vinnytsya Broiler) etc. This enables the company to secure and control its position on the market.

The industrial farming is one of the most pollutive and harmful industrial sectors in general. Industrial farming worldwide produces as much emises of carbon dioxide to the air as the whole car traffic in all countries of the world. Besides this, the closest surroundings of the farms, slaughter houses, meat processing plants and all the other facilities suffers from dustiness, smell, water and soil pollution and big traffic. The most visible and clearest examples of such negative consequences can be found in Ukraine in the regions, where MHP operates. Vinnytsia is one of them.

In Vinnytsia region on a very small area around the town of Ladyzhyn, there is 12 chicken brigades, 3 are being constructed and 6 other are under preparation. Each of them consists of 38 chicken houses; in each brigade there is about one million chicken. If we consider the amount of chicken together with all the connected facilities and fields used for growing food for the chicken, it all together brings an enormous strain for the whole region.

Massive traffic of heavy trucks carrying chicken, fodder, manure, concrete construction parts or machines causes noise and dustiness, and the vibrations seriously damages the houses of the villagers. There is unsatisfactory access to information about planned facilities and permitting processes and almost no public participation in the decision making regarding poultry houses. The local activists are under constant pressure from the company subsiders operating in the region and its security services. There were witnessed many cases of threatening, stalking of activists day and night and even physical assaults.

The most affected towns in the region are Zaozerne, Chetvertynivka, Olyanitsya, Tulchin, Kleban, Mankivka, Mikhailivka, Goediivka and many others in the area of MHP facilities. Basically all of them suffers of heavy traffic; in the neighbourhood of some, there are huge manure storages, as the fields are not able to take all the manure from millions of chicken. The chicken manure is very aggresive because of high contents of nitrates, which represents danger for water streams and exhausts the soil.

One of the few successfull stories of struggles against the company comes from Chetvertynivka. The village won its battle against MHP in 2015. When the people realized they do not want another 2 chicken farm brigades to be constructed additionally to existing 2 on their territory and they have no chance to succeed in permitting procedures, villagers blocked the roads. They enforced MHP to leave the project and even return the fields back for grain production. The village looks visually well managed and not poor – it seems that small scale farming might be alternative to industrial one.

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