Visegrad countries

Visegrad countries: Simple and smart waste reduction for Visegrad municipalities

Visegrad countries have difficulties of meeting EU waste targets, i.e. increasing recycling to 50% of municipal waste and decreasing the amount of landfilled biological waste to 35% from 1995 to 2020. Many local authorities rather resign in meeting such goals than implementing extensive measures that are cost-demanding and have little public support. The municipalities are often confused by the situation and are not able to find an optimal solution and any expertise and advice is highly appreciated. It needs to be clarified what is feasible by voluntary measures in municipalities and what is the current system allowing achieving.

The main goal of the project was collecting best practice case studies, developing a manual for municipalities plus a simple language leaflet for their inhabitants, and last, developing a joint V4 strategy for the EU.

The project was based on cooperation of four NGOs from Visegrad countries: Humusz from Hungary, Priatelia Zeme SPZ from Slovakia, PKE form Poland and Arnika from Czech Republic.

Examples of the good practices in municipality waste management in V4 here

Joint strategy of the NGOs ivolved in the project here

Leaflet from Hungary here, from Slovakia here, from Poland here and from Czech Republic here.

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