Opening workshop

Presentations from the opening workshop of the project “Scaling up Experience in Improvement of Chemical Safety to Contribute to Poverty Reduction in Rural Armenia”

Workshop was held on March, 29 - 2010 in Yerevan

1  Agenda of the workshop  19.01 Kb
2  "Pesticides – risks for our health and environment" 99.37 Kb
Vendula Krčmářová
3  “Pesticides and their risks - links with Stockholm Convention” 485.20 Kb
Darina Havlíková
4  “Week without pesticides” 4.67 Mb
Lusine Nalbandyan
5  ”IPEN and its approach to obsolete pesticides stockpiles problem” 107.37 Kb
Jindřich Petrlík
6  ”Technologies for obsolete pesticides destruction and clean up methods” 453.90 Kb
Jindřich Petrlík
7  ”Klatovy case study” 135.26 Kb
Jindřich Petrlík
8  “How can local and national NGOs address specific policy problems" (introduction to campaigning and strategy planning of projects/campaigns) 421.44 Kb
Martin Skalský

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