Wood waste heating plant

11.9.2014 - Nemila

 New heating plant constructed thanks to investment of the Czech Republic is the example of positive solution.

Nemila, the village near Zenica, was struggling with the enormous air pollution. During the winter period most of the households in Nemila had been heating with solid fuels (coal). This fact led not only to worsening the environmental conditions in the area but also to health problems of local inhabitants.

Czech Republic within the frame of the development cooperation supported the construction of the central heating system based on burning the wood waste in central plant. This cooperation included a plan for building Eco Heating Plant (biomass burning plant) which was completed in October 2013.

Central heating system with an incinerator based on biomass was aimed to reduce the number of local heat sources that use low quality fuel which will significantly contribute to improving air quality and health of the inhabitants in Nemila. In addition, the project helped to improve climate change and contribute to meeting the objectives of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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