Factory farming in Ukraine harms local communities - the case of Olyanitsya

10.5.2017 - OLYANITSYA
PHOTO: Majda Slamova / Arnika

In the village of Olyanitsya in the region of Vinnytsia, the people struggle with massive traffic caused by the chicken industry of the company MHP. Most of the houses in the village are damaged by vibrations from heavy trucks carrying chicken, fodder, manure or materials for construction of new chicken brigades. It´s not only the cracks in the houses, heavy traffic causes big dustiness and huge noise. 

The people of Olyanitsya decided to defend their rights on clean environment and started to complaint on various levels. One of the requests comes also on address of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which provided big loans to the company in believe of helping the ukrainian agriculture, which is one of the strongest part of the economy of the whole country. On purposes of helping the people to defend their rights, Arnika together with its Kiev partner organisation Ekodiya created a short advocacy video, which should be a part of our arguments and requests on responsible institutions and the company itself. You can see the video below; feel free to share it and help us to spread the info about the case of chicken business in Ukraine.


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