Pollution in Thailand: Cancer epidemic in Map Ta Phut

27.12.2018 - MAP TA PHUT
PHOTO: Ondřej Petrlík / Arnika
"One of Thailand's most toxic hot spots with a well-documented history of air and water pollution, industrial accidents, illegal hazardous waste dumping, and pollution-related health impacts, including cancer and birth deformities." In Map Ta Phut, you can find Thailand's largest industrial park. The Ta Phut Industrial Estate has currently over 90 industrial facilities including oil refineries, petrochemical and chemical facilities, hazardous waste landfills and treatment facilities of 25 surrounding communities.

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This video was prepared and published as part of the project "Increasing Transparency in Industrial Pollution Management through Citizen Science" funded by the European Union (EU) and co-funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic within the Framework of the Transition Promotion Program - Supporting the Democracy and Human Rights Program

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