“The secret life” of the dangerous e-waste – its journey and what you might not know about it

11.9.2020 - THAILAND

What happens to the huge amount of the electronic waste produced by today's world? Unfortunately, a lot of it ends in Thailand, where it’s often being improperly dismantled. Crushing and burning of the e-waste, which leads to release of toxic chemicals, harms the environment as well as the health of the communities living near areas of the so called “recycling” plants. Moreover, recent study [1] proves that also e-waste from Europe ends up there, and according to EARTH (Ecological Alert and Recovery Thailand), even e-waste from the Czech Republic reached Thai Customs port. This video shows the seriousness of the situation in Kalasin, one of the dumping sites in North-East Thailand.

This video was created as a part of a joint project of the Czech non-governmental organization Arnika and Thai NGO EARTH (Ecological Alert and Recovery Thailand), financially supported from the European Union and the Transition Promotion Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

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[1] "Holes in the Circular Economy: WEEE Leakage from Europe" (2019), published by the global environmental watchdog organization Basel Action Network, is a two-year study in 10 EU countries that followed 314 old computers, printers, and monitors in which GPS Trackers had been secretly installed. A very significant stream of illegal shipments of hazardous consumer electronic scrap to vulnerable populations including Thailand was discovered. 

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