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We are a significant Czech non-profit organization and in accordance to our ethical codex we don’t accept money from environmental-unfriendly companies and polluters. We have to rely only on goodwill of individual donors and on our own resources. Please, support us in various ways:

It is up to you to decide. Only with the help of volunteers and donors can we pursue better and cleaner environment.

10 reasons why to support Arnika

  1. Every year Arnika publishes lists of the biggest polluters in Czech regions.
  2. In a long-term campaign Don’t Play with PVC we contribute significantly to the reduction of dangerous substances, such as phthalates or adipates in toys, school utensils, or medical devices.
  3. In cases when human lives or environment are endangered, we provide free legal, professional, and organizational support to individuals, organizations, and municipalities. Recently, we have provided over thousand consultations a year.
  4. We comment on constructions, which might have negative impact on the environment (incinerators, landfills, etc.). Thanks to our experience, we are able to provide relevant and cogent arguments during debating on the constructions, and find out, who pollutes Czech environment.
  5. Since our foundation, we have saved thousands of trees from needless felling and prevented devastation.
  6. We promote stricter control over dealing with chemical substances. We pursue reduction of use of substances, whose effects on human lives or environment are not well known.
  7. Together with partners of the European network E-polis, we promote sustainable urban development and protection of cultural heritage.
  8. We cooperate on international environmental projects of world organizations (UNEP, IPEN, HCWH, GAIA, EEB and Grüne Liga).
  9. We promote better legislation protecting environment.
  10. And we do much more: from promoting responsible behavior of customers, and protection of right to information, to organizing seminars for schools or public.
We need your help – please support our activities.

Transparency is crucial for us - we publish our financial results in an annual report every year.

Thank you for considering to support Arnika.

You can choose between regular donation and single donation.

Regular donations enable us to dedicate ourselves to various issues systematically on a long-term basis. Please, set a monthly standing order online through your credit card. You will spread your contribution to a higher amount of smaller installments and help us build security for long-term projects. Please register through the donors form so that we can identify your donation securely.

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Payments from the Czech Republic:

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Bank address: Postovni sporitelna, Spalena 3, Praha 1

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