Defending the Defenders: Protecting environmental activists from persecution


A rising trend threatening people defending the environment ▪ The need for protection in the Aarhus Convention countries ▪ The Compliance Committee and environmental defenders: Belarusian case ▪ The Compliance Committee: review of progress during the last cycle

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Presentations & Speakers:

Yves Lador, EarthJustice & David Banisar, Article 19:
Environmental Defenders Under Attack, including the UN Rapporteur on human rights defenders

Kate Watters, Crude Accountability:
Persecution in non-party states: USA (oil & gas extraction and transport & coal mining)

Andrei Ozharovskiy:
Persecution in non-party states: Russian Federation

Magdi Toth Nagy, GUTA:
The LAC process: How it proposesto handle the protection of activists

Olena Kravchenko, Environmental People Law (UA) & GUTA:
Cases about harassment of environmental defenders in Ukraine

Csaba Kiss, Justice & Environment, EMLA (HU):
Defending the defenders in an illiberal democracy inside the EU: The situation in Hungary

Vadim Ni, EcoForum of NGOs of Kazakhstan & Sergey Solyanik, Crude Accountability (KZ):
Presentation of the report on harassment of environmental defenders (including the former Soviet Union and the USA)

Martin Skalsky, Arnika (CZ):
Stop persecution: new information website

Andriy Andrusevych, Society & Environment (UA) / ECO Forum:
Persecution case C/102 (Belarus): Decision of the ACCC and what it means?

Pavel Cerny, AC Compliance Committee:
The Belarusian Case: Dealing with anonymous communication and formulating recommendations

Tatyana Novikova, coordinator of anti-nuclear campaign (BY):
Persecution of the antinuclear activists in Belarus: Facts, interpretations and consequences. How ACCC case could affect further state policy on persecution

Sergei Magonov, Ecohome (BY) & GUTA:
Belarus, Aarhus Convention incompliance case and the state policy

Final Panel: The Compliance Committee: review of progress during the last cycle

Organised by EarthJustice and the ECO Forum Legal Focal Points

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