Econline – Environmental Knowledge Marathon – series of webinars for environmental activists

25.6.2020 - KYIV / PRAGUE

From April 15th until June 5th 2020 there was - despite of the difficulties caused by the coronavirus situation and quarantine - very successful series of webinars focused on environmental knowledge and skills. Thanks to the organizers of Econline Marathon, activists from the Clean Air for Ukraine project coordinated by Arnika, the support of Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Transition Promotion Program, and National Endowment for Democracy fund, anyone with internet connection could gain loads of new information and impulses related to air quality in Ukraine and environmental activism.

Within 11 online seminars, the experts with their presentations and workshops (see below) were covering the topics of civic activism, volunteering, successful public campaigns, smart way of planting trees in towns, using legal tools to defend environmental rights, analysing of air pollution data and strategy of the public campaign in the city of Nikopol. The 12th meeting, which was held on the world environment day, was a final conference: Ukraine Environmental Transformation. “All together there was more than 650 participants of our webinars and many more are using free access to our presentations and videos when downloading them from a special website we created for this purpose once we got the idea. So it is really encouraging to know that so many people care about the environment, the condition of air pollution in Ukraine and last but not least activism and various ways how to change the current state,” says Pavlina Filippovova, Arnika's coordinator of the Clean Air for Ukraine project.


April 15th – Maksym Soroka (Clean Air for Ukraine): Public air monitoring: opportunities and myths



April 18th – Anna Ambrosova (SPKR): How to use the EIA procedure to protect the community's rights to a clean and safe environment



April 25th – Maksym Soroka (Clean Air for Ukraine): How air pollution affects public health



April 29th – Oleksandr Donchenko (PravoE): Environmental right for everyone



May 1st – Maksym Soroka (Clean Air for Ukraine): Beautiful trouble: creative forms of activism and protection of environmental rights



May 7th – Zhenya Kravchenko, Denis Tsutsayev (Makitra): 7 sins in involving volunteers in the activities of your organization



May 11th – Tamara Kharchilava (Kachine Lake): Environmental activism in Ukraine: Webinar about big and small victories of active citizens



May 13th – Alyona Kolotnytska (Department of Housing and Communal Services of Bila Tserkva City Council): Green plantations for every city: experience of smart-management of greenery in the city of Bila Tserkva



May 15th – Elena Shafranova (PravoE): How to protect the right to a clean environment 



May 16th – Maksym Soroka (Clean Air for Ukraine): Analysis of air pollution monitoring data (workshop)



May 20th – Alina Mashenko (International Environmental Security): Environmental hackaton of ideas for the Strategy of the city of Nikopol

June 5th – Maksym Soroka (Clean Air for Ukraine), Martin Skalsky (Arnika), Jachym Brezina (CHMU), Nataliya Andrusevych (Resource and Analytical Center "Society and Environment"): Final conference: Ukrainian Environmental Transformation

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