Media Tour to Endangered Rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina in November 2017

The tallest waterfall on Janj river will disappear due to planned HPP
Photo: Markéta Šedivá

Three hundreds of new hydropower plants? That can’t be right...

In total 279 hundred hydropower plants (HPPs) are planned to be built (or already exist) on beautiful rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. While the economic benefits of these projects are questionable, they are surely threatening the national heritage. Hundreads of wild rivers carry great environmental value and importance for water supply, sustainable farming and tourism. This topic has long ago surpassed the environmental oriented issue. Today it can be tracked down to the highest levels of state politics - the social and economic consequences are far beyond the theme of nature protection.

Banja Luka/Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (November 1st - 8th) 

The latest development, including the police repression in some localities, has drawn attention of various Balkans media. The tour will follow some of the construction sites or already existing HPPs on Vrbas, Janj, Pliva, Sana, Buna and elsewhere. Appart from visiting the rivers, meeting with experts or local residents and representantives will take place. The outcomes of the whole tour will be presented on November 8th in Hostel Rest City (Ejuba Ademovica 6, Sarajevo 71000) from 10:00 where basic as well as more detailed and recently collected data and statements will be presented together with latest photo screening.

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