EcoForum 2019: How to use air pollution monitoring

12.6.2019 - ZAPORIZHIE
PHOTO: Petr Mares / Arnika

“During one day, a person breathes 18 kg of air, and the Zaporizhians breathe the same amount of polluted air.” The public discussion at Ecoforum 2019 in Zaporizhia called “Air monitoring: how to get data on pollution and protect yourself” began with precisely such scientific facts. The organizers were the three partner organizations Arnika (Czech Republic), Ecoaction (Kiev) and Dziga (Zaporizhia).

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Air Quality – Why should we care about it?
Jan Hovorka, Head of the Laboratory for Air Quality Research, Institute of Environmental Studies, Faculty of Science, Charles University


Health Effects of Atmospheric Aerosols
Jan Bendl, Department of Environmental Studies, Faculty of Science, Charles University 


Air Pollution. How, Why, What to Tell?
Petr Mares, SCIENCE IN

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