Public forums: Pollution, health effects and legal tools for remediation

16.11.2015 - Tetovo & Gračanica

Eko Forum Zenica ( BiH) and Arnika (CZ) organize a public forum about pollution and its adverse effects on environment and human health.

  • Local authority premises in Tetovo on 16 November 2015, 17h.


  • Local authority premises in Donja Gračanica on 17 November 2015, 17h.



  • Samir Lemeš, head of Eko Forum and university professor, will open the forum and moderate the debate
  • Đjana Alibegović, independent lawyer and Eko Forum coworker, will provide assistance to the most affected people: local communities living the closest to the factory.
  • Harun Drljević, acclaimed doctor and colleague of Eko Forum, will highlight the effects of pollution on human health and give advise for people on how to protect themselves.
  • Martin Skalský, head of Arnika Citizens Support Centre, will present the results of analysis of domestically produced food in the vicinity of the steelworks.


zenica tetovo_invitation 16 november 2015zenica tetovo_invitation 16 november 2015

Free admission.

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