Workshop: Adoption Of Rivers

26.5.2021 - MOLDOVA

On wednesday, May 26, we organised an online workshop to show ways to strengthen the relationship of the local communities to their river and thus contribute to its protection.

Date: 26.5.2021

Place: online

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Coalition for Rivers - Czech Republic 

Don't know what the term Adoption of Rivers stands for? During the workshop you will learn why to participate, what are the successful examples from abroad and what are the possible solutions and types of activities for Moldova.

Coalition for the Protection of the Rivers – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Learn about establishing and running a river coalition in the Balkans including examples of activities such as big jump, river cleaning or demonstrations. 

Club Gaia - Poland

Within the presentation of the successful program “Adopt the River!” in Poland you will get to know what was done, what are the results and how Club Gaia could manage to attract 1540 local groups on 772 rivers.

NGOs participating in Adoptions - Moldova


The event was organised within the project Adoption of Moldovan rivers: Support for communities on both banks of Dniester river, funded by the Transition Promotion Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

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