Mělník – Large-capacity waste incinerator in the local heating plant

14.4.2021 - Mělník
The heating plant in Horní Počaply near Mělník.
Author: Hana Beranová

Negotiations on the construction of one of the biggest incinerators in the heating plant in Horní Počaply, near Mělník, have been going on since 2018. The locals do not agree with the project. They rejected it in local referendums in two municipalities – Horní Počaply and Křivenice. More than 4 500 people have signed a petition against the construction of the incinerator. Nevertheless, representatives of the Central Bohemian Region still insist on the project. The investor of the project is the ČEZ company. Its majority shareholder is the Czech government. The project also involves the necessary construction of new roads that would help to transport waste to the incinerator, because the transport infrastructure in this area is congested.

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