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Toxics and Waste Programme

Alan Watson (2012): Domestic Combustion. Emissions from burning plastics in domestic fireplaces, household stoves and boilers with special focus on persistent organic pollutants. pdfAlan Watson Domestic Combustion.pdf2.52 MB
DDT_in_Eggs IPEN Pesticides WG (2009): DDT in Eggs - A Global Review. Prague, May 2009. A report prepared by Arnika Association on behalf of IPEN Pesticides Working Group for the 4th Conference of Parties to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants. alt DDT in Eggs 625.55 Kb
Jopková, M., Mansaku - Meksi, M., Šamánek, J. (2009): Former copper plant, Rubik, Albania. Potential POPs Hotspot Infolist. Prague - Tirana, 2009. Report prepared for the SAICM NGO Global Outreach Campaign. alt Rubik - Hotspot Report 408.45 Kb
Zero Mercury Working Group (2009): Mercury in Fish - A Global Health Hazard. Brussels, February 2009. Global report based on fish samples from different countries. See also press release prepared by Arnika Association. alt Mercury in Fish 1.45 Mb
Arnika Associaton (2006): Mercury measurements in the premises and surroundings of the chlor-alkali plants in the Czech Republic. Executive Summary. Prague, August 2006. alt Mercury Measurements Summary1.48 Mb
Havel, M. (2006): Zero Waste as Best Environmental Practice for Waste Management in CEE Countries.Czech Republic, April 2006. alt Zero Waste1.24 Mb
Havel, M., Marcanikova, H., Petrlík, J. (2006): Lysá nad Labem - hazardous waste incinerator and POPs waste stockpile in Milovice. Czech Republic, March 2006. The International POPs Elimination Project's report. alt IPEP Lysa Milovice1.10 Mb
Mercury_measurements_reportKuncová, H. (2006): Mercury measurements in the premises and surroundings of the chlor-alkali plants in the Czech Republic. Prague, August 2006. alt Mercury Measures Report 4.01 Mb
alt Mercury Measures Appendices 1.42 Mb
Petrlík, J. (2006): The Spolchemie chlor-alkali and chlorine based chemical production plant in Usti nad Labem (Czech Republic) - a case study for unintentional production of exachlorobenzene. Prague, January 2006. This report was prepared as contribution to discussion about Best Available Techniques and Best Environmental Practices within the Stockholm Convention framework. It is also International POPs Elimination Project's Report as well. alt IPEP HCB 930.65 Kb
DustWatson, A. (2006): Danger: Dust. Prague, 2006. A report based on measurements of phthalates, brominated flame retardants and nonylphenols in house dust and rain water at 4 locations of the Czech Republic with more comprehensive overview of the problem of these chemicals in the environment. This report was prepared by Arnika – Toxics and Waste Programme as contribution to the discussions about REACH under the Chemical Reaction campaign. alt Dust 982.76 Kb
Belarus_eggsreportArnika Association, Foundation for Realization of Ideas, IPEN Dioxin, PCBs and Waste WG (2005): Contamination of chicken eggs near the Bolshoi Trostenec dumpsite in Belarus by dioxins, PCBs and hexachlorbenzene. Minsk - Prague, March -24, 2005.A report on one of the sites selected for global eggs sampling project in 2004/2005 by IPEN. alt Belarus Eggsreport 450.83 Kb
New_POPsBlake, A. (2005): The Next Generation of POPs: PBDEs and Lindane. Prague, April 2005. A report prepared under coordination of Arnika Association as IPEN Dioxin, PCBs and Waste Working Group Secretariat. This report is based on global free range chicken eggs sampling and the analyses of PBDEs, HBCD, and HCHs in these eggs. alt New POPs 401.08 Kb
Bulgaria_eggsreportIPEN Dioxin, PCBs and Waste WG, Za zemiata (2005): Contamination of chicken eggs from Kovachevo, Bulgaria by dioxins, PCBs and hexachlorobenzene. Sofia - Prague, April - 12, 2005. A report on one of the sites selected for global eggs sampling project in 2004/2005 by IPEN. alt Bulgaria Eggsreport 721.09 Kb
Karavai, M., Lobanov, E. (2005):Belarus Country Situation Report on POPs. Minsk - Prague, April 2005. This report summarizes information about persistent organic pollutants (POPs) for Belarus from NGOs point of view. alt Belarus Country Situation 640.62 Kb
ASH_report_coverPetrlík, J., Ryder, R. (2005): After Incineration The Toxic Ash Problem. Prague, April 2005. A report published by IPEN - Dioxin, PCBs and Waste Working Group in the frame of the Keep the Promise, Eliminate POPs campaign in 2005. This report summarized environmental problems related to waste incinerationa residues especially in regard to their contamination by persistent organic pollutants (POPs).
alt Fly Ash Report 1022.34 Kb
Karavai, M. (2005): Petrochemical enterprise complex in Novopolotsk. Minsk - Prague, April 2005. One of the hot spots reports completed by NGOs in CEE region during the International POPs Elimination Project. alt Belarus Novopolotsk Hotspot 396.75 Kb
Arnika (2005): Policy Brief: Hazardous waste incinerators and POPs in the Czech Republic. Czech Republic, June 2005. One of the policy briefs completed by NGOs in CEE region during the International POPs Elimination Project. alt Czech Hazardous Incinerator and POPs 454.86 Kb
Global_eggsreportDi Gangi, J., Petrlík, J. (2005): The Egg Report. Prague - Washington ries found high levels of contamination with dioxins and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls). alt Global Eggsreport 1.35 Mb
alt Global Annexes 280.82 Kb
Costner, P. (2005): Comments on Presentation on Study to facilitate the implementation of certain waste related provisions of the Regulation on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). Brussels, May - 25, 2005. IPEN comments on a study related to set up so called low POPs content levels in the waste according the Stockholm Convention.
alt Letter BiPro 44.17 Kbh 

Schoevers, A. (2004): Environmental pollution by dispersion of solid residues from waste incineration; the legacy of ignorance.

Case study of persistent hazardous pollutants in fly ash and bottom ash in the Netherlands. Amsterdam, February 2004, 14 pages. This report has been prepared by Waste & Environment on request of the IPEN Dioxins, PCBs and Wastes Working Group.

pdfWaste Incineration Residues - Netherlands98.31 KB

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